Hidden Treasures in Knoxville

Hidden Treasures in KnoxvilleKnoxville is a big city that offers a plethora of choices, no matter what you may be looking for. With such an overwhelming selection of nearly anything you can imagine, it may be that much easier to overlook some of the city's more out-of-the-way places that offer a little something extra. Whether it's a more personal touch, a deeper selection of items or just a completely different experience altogether, these hidden treasures in Knoxville are well worth discovering.

Knoxville Chocolate Company
Your sweet tooth hasn't been satisfied in a while, so you're looking for a tasty solution. Find it at the Knoxville Chocolate Company. Once you venture inside this alluring shop, you may find it quite difficult to leave. The Factory features a huge assortment of chocolate as well as items fashioned from chocolate. Novelty and seasonal items are available as well, as if you needed an excuse to return regularly.

Address: 1060 World's Fair Park Knoxville, TN 37916 - MAP
Phone: (865) 522-2049
Web: www.knoxchox.com

Mast General Store
You'll feel like you've traveled back in time when you step into the Mast General Store. Modeled after the general stores from a bygone era, you'll find everything from barrels of candy to vintage houseware items and camping supplies including outdoor gear. You'll even see a big selection of custom-fit footwear, among many other unusual yet functional items. This store truly does have a little something for everyone.

Address: 402 Gay Street, Knoxville, TN 37902 - MAP
Phone: (865) 546-1336
Web: www.mastgeneralstore.com

Earth to Old City
Sometimes you realize you have to get a gift for someone and you have no time to find one, let alone wrap it and make it look like you actually put some thought into it. That's where Earth to Old City comes to your rescue. They make gift-buying easy as they offer a free year-round gift wrapping service. But the gift that will eventually get wrapped is impressive, too, as the store features spectacular photographic art that can be custom framed on-site, as well. There's also a great selection of one-of-a-kind gift items that includes jewelry, books, toys, posters and items for the home and garden.

Address: 22 Market Square, Suite 101, Knoxville, TN 37902 - MAP
Phone: (865) 522-8270
Web: www.earthtooldcity.com

Art Market
The Art Market is exactly what its title says. Local artists come from the surrounding areas to display their work. See some truly compelling pieces ranging from the contemporary to the traditional that include expressions in every medium. There's art rendered in watercolors, photography, basketry, ceramics and woodcuts, among many others. This is a great place to find a unique gift item, support local artists and celebrate their talents.

Address: 422 South Gay Street, Knoxville, TN 37916 - MAP
Phone: (865) 525-5265
Web: www.artmarketgallery.net